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We are based in London and host many of our broadcasts on-location in Florence, and as 'the conversation' grows, we look forward to talks and on-line venue visits with curators, museum executives, restorers and field experts throughout the world that spotlight women in the arts and social history.


English-speaking folk tune in from anywhere in the world, from Rome, Hawaii, and Vancouver to New York, Poland, France, and even night owls in Australia. Each broadcast is followed by a Q-and-A session with the programme's guests, which addresses questions arising among our live-stream participants. Looking forward to seeing you on-line, for the next one!

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Restoration Conversations - Opificio delle pietre dure

Women Artists and the


With co-curator Peter Trippi

Live at the exhibition ‘Pre-Raphaelites: Modern  Renaissance’

at Forli’s Civic Museum of San Dominico


Inside Artemisia's exhibition at Casa Buonarroti

With art historian Elizabeth Crooper

September 27, 2023

Opificio delle Pietre Dure

Restoration Laboratory

With Simona Calza, Letizia Montalbano and Guia Rossignoli

May 16, 2023

LRLevett House_The Florentine_ph marcobadiani_8.jpg
Marion Wulz (Trieste 1905-1990), Portrait of Wanda Wulz in motorcyclist's outfit.JPG

Women Artists and the Abstract Revolution

A Florentine home-gallery visit with collector Christian Levett

September 15, 2022

Women Photograhers.

Alinari Archives to

Contemporary Perspectives

With Walter Guadagnini, co-curator of the exhibition 'Fotografe!' at Villa Bardini

September 2022

A Dressing Room at Drury Lane 1951.jpg

Laura Knight: An artist's life on the edge

With Sacha Llewellyn, art historian in association with MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, England

February 2, 2022

LRFerroni ovals - San Giovanni di Dio – Cleaning Tests Wicks2.jpg

The New Woman Behind the Camera

With Andrea Nelson, exhibition curator National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

November 16, 2021

Art rescue in progress


Restoration studio visit with Florence-based conservator Elizabeth Wicks, featuring works by Violante Ferroni

November 13, 2020

LRLuck of the draw.jpg

Italy and ‘the Luck of the Draw’

Join Marzia Faietti, former director 

of the Uffizi Gallery’s Prints & Drawings Department

October 13, 2021



Linda Falcone chats with Letizia Treves, curator of the Artemisia exhibition at the National Gallery, London

October 16, 2020

LR Accademia del Disegno.jpg

Accademia delle Arti del Disegno


Take a tour of Europe's oldest drawing academy

with President Cristina Acidini

February 5, 2021

Live Museo Galileo - 16 maggio 2023_Immagine006_OK.jpg

Galileo and the Grand Duchess Christina

Museo Galileo with Dr Natacha Fabbri,

project coordinator

May 16, 2023

Header photo: Valeria Raniolo, ‘Accademia delle Arti del Disegno series’, AADFI, Florence

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