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Forli's Civic Museum of San Domenico

Women Artists and the Pre-Raphaelites

Linda Falcone speaks with lead co-curator Peter Trippi

Live at the exhibition ‘Pre-Raphaelites: Modern Renaissance’

Restoration Conversations: Women Artists and the Pre-Raphaelites

LIVE: Monday, 8 April 2024 at 7 pm Italy, 6 pm in the UK 1 pm EST, 10 am PST


Author and presenter Linda Falcone speaks with lead co-curator Peter Trippi, on location at 'Pre-Raphaelites: Modern Renaissance', an exhibition comprising over 350 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and decorative artworks. Hosted at San Domenico Civic Museum in Forli, Italy, this 'Restoration Conversations' broadcast is sponsored and organised by the Calliope Arts Foundation. It spotlights women artists featured in the exhibition who modelled for, worked with, or responded to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. From the Botticelli-inspired paintings of Marie Spartali Stillman to the dramatic mythological depictions of Evelyn Pickering De Morgan, enjoy the art that built upon the movement founded by the original rule-breaking Pre-Raphaelites, whilst discovering the women artists who honed their own talents, as they explored Italy's Old Masters, Britain’s best-loved stories and their admiration for Florence's idyllic Primavera, on and off canvas.


Organised by the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì in partnership with the Municipality of Forlì, this exhibition is co-curated by Peter Trippi and Liz Prettejohn, with co-curators Cristina Acidini and Francesco Parisi. The curatorial team also includes Tim Barringer, Stephen Calloway, Véronique Gerard Powell, Charlotte Gere and Paola Refice.


Peter Trippi is editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur, the American magazine that serves collectors of contemporary and historical realist art, and president of Projects in 19th-Century Art, a firm he established to pursue research, writing, and curating opportunities. Based in New York City, Peter previously directed the Dahesh Museum of Art there, headed development teams at the Brooklyn Museum and Baltimore Museum of Art, and – with Prof. Liz Prettejohn of the University of York – has co-curated international touring exhibitions and publications of 19th-century British art devoted to J.W. Waterhouse and the studio houses created by Lawrence, Laura, and Anna Alma-Tadema. In 2021 Peter co-curated—with Nancy Carlisle—the exhibition Artful Stories: Paintings from Historic New England. One of its works—Marie Spartali Stillman’s Hera—is now on view in the Pre-Raphaelites exhibition we are discussing in this broadcast.


This broadcast is sponsored by Calliope Arts in partnership with The Florentine, the De Morgan Foundation, Watts Gallery, the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì and Grandi Mostre Fondazione Forlì.

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