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What We Do

The mission of Calliope Arts is to further public knowledge of under-appreciated female contributions to the visual arts, literature, music and social history in Florence, London and the world. Calliope Arts works with public and private museums, cultural associations, research institutions, philanthropic organisations and individuals to conceive, develop, support and promote programmes focused on the female perspective of the arts in the broadest sense. It raises awareness on its initiatives through Restoration Conversations, a livesteam series and bi-annual magazine.

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Art Conservaton

& Cultural Projects

Explore our projects focused on restoration, culture and research

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Lectures & Education

Join us for lectures and learn more about our study grants

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View books we produce, underwrite or share

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Uncovering lost traditions in various disciplines

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We underwrite, co-organise, curate and promote temporary exhibitions

Restoration Conversations - Opificio delle pietre dure



our live broadcasts

Header photo: Kirsten Hills, ‘Honouring Grand Duchess Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici’, Fondazione CR Firenze

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