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Restoration Conversations Magazine

The Restoration Conversations magazine is a bi-annual publication, on-line and in print. A selection of ‘teaser features’ appears here each month, leading up to our Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer issues.


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To get a feel for the themes we explore, here is a sampling of our column titles.


Patroness and Paladin

How historic women supported each other or championed their cause

Monuments Women

Female conservators and conservation highlights 

Face the Music

Woman musicians, composers, performers, and dancers 

Sista, Sista

Sisterhoods in history or siblings who shared a common quest

The Garden Path

Landscaping, garden design, botanical sciences, illustration

Women ‘in space’ 

Ways women conquered the public and professional sphere 

Women in ‘place’

Spaces and symbols of female achievement 

Art and Letters

A dialogue between the arts, juxtaposing paintings, drawing, photos poems, and writing 

Artist, Muse and Mother

Issues that affect the lives of female artists in history, the choice of family or career,
being supported or overshadowed by a partner

Hands of time

Women of science, craftsmanship and invention

Header photo: Rose and Richard Pritts, ‘The archives at the Innocenti Museum’ in Florence, 2019