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National Gallery, London


with curator Letizia Treves

Restoration Conversations - Artemisia.jpg

"I have been living with Artemisia for two years," quips Letizia Treves, the Sassoon Curator of Later Italian Paintings at the National Gallery in London. Art lovers the world over are now wanting to know what Artemisia was like to live with! Treves's exhibition 'Artemisia' looks at 'Artemisia in the round' – as an artist of acumen… who had the guts to 'turn up the volume on Caravaggio', as she claimed canvases for history's greatest female protagonists – and made them wear her own face.

"A woman's name raises doubts, until her work is seen..." the artist wrote in a 1649 letter. Some 370 years later, the world is finally ready to see her art as never before. Britain's first major monographic on the artist spans her 40-year career, including her first and last works – both Susanna and the Elders – the first of which she painted at age 17. Simply titled 'Artemisia', the exhibition explores an artist who is growing into her name, when it comes to recognition amongst the modern-day museum-going public.

This event was sponsored by AWA and organised in conjunction with The Florentine.

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