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History is still learning about women’s pivotal yet nuanced roles,

balancing creative innovation, emotional power, compromise
and self-sacrifice in forging modern art.”

Jackie Wullschlager, art critic for the Financial Times

The mission of Calliope Arts is to further public knowledge of under-appreciated female contributions to the visual arts, literature, music and social history in Florence, London and the world.

Calliope Arts works with public and private museums, cultural associations, research institutions, philanthropic organisations and individuals to conceive, develop, support and promote programmes focused on the female perspective of the arts in the broadest sense. It raises awareness on its initiatives through Restoration Conversations, a livesteam series and bi-annual magazine.

To further our mission, Calliope Arts may engage in the following activities:

Art conservation and maintenance

To uncover and restore art and craft works by women in all forms of media, as well as related archival documents. See our current restoration project in-progress.


To underwrite, curate and publish exhibition catalogues, with an emphasis on the comparative study of women from multiple disciplines, and to produce a digital and in-print magazine on topical issues. Flip through our most recent issue.


To organise events in person and on line aimed at uncovering lost traditions, techniques, music, art, photography, dance, literature, poetry, science and the social sciences. View one of our Restoration Conversations.


To underwrite, organise and curate temporary exhibitions, installations and related events in Florence and London, fostering connections between arts organisations in those two cities. Learn more about the exhibition Fotografe! (June-October 2022) and upcoming opportunities.

Educational programmes

To  provide resources, content and funding for the development of educational curriculum, courses, workshops, scholarships and grant programmes and events that reflect and further our mission. Explore the course '100 years of Women' and the Calliope Arts lecture series at the British Institue of Florence.


To correct the dearth of visual media showcasing female achievement by documenting the achievements of women, through photography campaigns and video productions for the web and television. View sample documentaion from Artemisia UpClose.

Archival research

To support the study of historic archives, so that scholars, historians, social scientists, and documentarians can uncover and reconstruct the biographies of pioneering women.

Header photo: Kirsten Hills, ‘Honouring Grand Duchess Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici’, Fondazione CR Firenze

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