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'ARTEMISIA UPCLOSE': Documentation and research


Artemsia visits the National Institute of Optics...

"Most people consider art conservation a painstaking process where elbow grease and solvent save the day, and there’s no arguing it’s a job for skilled hands and eagle eyes – but sometimes, this bird’s-eye view involves 32 layers of x-ray vision – something like what superman might see – or, in this case, superwoman. Physicist Raffaella Fontana is Director of Research at the National Institute of Optics (INO) in Florence, where she has been working for over two decades…" Read the full article by Linda Falcone, in The Florentine.

The Artemisia UpClose restoration project at Casa Buonarotti is fully documented by Florence-based Russian videomaker and Photographer Olga Makarova. The slide show below features candid shots of the INO team at Casa Buonarroti Museum and the National Institute of Optics.

Researchers pictured:

INO team: Raffaella FONTANA, Jana STRIOVA, Alice DAL FOVO, Silvia INNOCENTI, Marco RAFFAELLI. University Students / Università di Firenze: Margherita GIUGNI, Emma VANNINI, Irene LUNGHI


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