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'5,000 NEGATIVES': Project overview


Safeguarding their legacy

October 2023 marked the start of a collaborative project aimed at safeguarding the legacy of photographers Wanda (1903 - 1984) and Marion (1905 - 1993) Wulz, whose works form part of the Fondazione Alinari per la Fotografia's precious Studio Wulz Archive.This project is made possible thanks to a grant from Fondazione CR Firenze and Calliope Arts Foundation.

The digitisation of negatives, Wulz Photographic Studio Archive Archives, ph. FAF Archives

The Alinari project aims to study, safeguard and promote an outstanding photography collection created by photographers Wanda and Marion Wulz by reorganising, documenting and inventorying the Wulz Photographic Studio Archive of Trieste (1861 - 1981), an archival collection that has not yet been the subject of comprehensive study and preservation efforts.

This collection is one of the most relevant archives forming part of Alinari’s archival heritage, which also preserves Wanda Wulz's famous futurist artistic experiments.

Our goal is to create a computerized inventory, as well as to digitise and catalogue Wanda and Marion's 5,200 largely unknown negatives. The project’s intent includes sharing outcomes through the online publication of these resources and the organization events for the public.


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