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Live broadcast: 'Fotografe!' at Villa Bardini

Don't miss the September 12, 2022 episode of 'Restoration Conversations', live-streamed from Florence's Villa Bardini. Presenter Linda Falcone joins co-curator Walter Guadagnini to explore exhibition highlights on location, at 'Fotografe! Women photographers: Alinari Archives to Contemporary Perspectives.

"Our intent is to breathe new life into photography of the past, and see the works of the present under a different light," says Guadagnini, of this groundbreaking show which sparks a dialogue between photography icons – such as Wanda and Marion Wulz, Margaret Bourke White and Germaine Krull – and emerging female artists of modern-day Italy, including Giulia Parlato, Federica Belli and Sofia Uslenghi.

To join the event on September 12, tune in online, at 6.00pm in Italy; 12.00pm EST; 9.00am PST; 5.00pm in the UK. Please use this link button below or access directly through The Florentine's Facebook and YouTube channels. The event is free.

Helene Magdalena Hofmann, Three men raising their hats in greeting, 1904.
Alinari Archives at the Alinari Foundation for Photography, Florence

'Fotografe!', open at the Villa Bardini and Forte Belvedere in Florence until October 2, is organised and promoted by Fondazione CR Firenze and Fondazione Alinari per la Fotografia, in collaboration with the City of Florence. This 'Restoration Conversation', organised by exhibition donor Calliope Arts and The Florentine, Tuscany's English-language newspaper, explores women's contributions to the Alinari Archives, one of the finest and most complete of its kind in the world.


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