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FINESTRE SULL'ARTE: Artemisia Gentileschi as never seen before. Restored and Unveiled Inclination

Staff writer, October 24, 2023

Photo: Olga Makarova and Calliope Arts Archive

Artemisia Gentileschi as she had not been seen for centuries. At Casa Buonarroti, the exhibition Artemisia in the Museum of Michelangelo, on view through Jan. 8, 2023, unveils the results of the intervention on the Allegory of Inclination, the work that Artemisia Gentileschi (Rome, 1593 - Naples, post-1654) executed for this very house, where Michelangelo’s great nephew, Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger, lived in 1616, who commissioned a series of panels depicting the virtues of his great sculptor ancestor… FOR MORE IN ITALIAN.


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