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ART&OBJECT: Censored Work by Artemisia Gentileschi Is Finally Shown

By Rebecca Shiffman

In 1612, Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger, a descendant of Michelangelo, began construction of the Casa Buonarroti, a house museum in dedication to his famous relative which is still in operation today. For the gallery, Buonarroti commissioned Artemisia Gentileschi to paint a mural. For this, her first-ever commission, Gentileschi painted Allegory of Inclination, a painting of a female nude that hung on the ceiling of the gallery. But a few decades later, the nude figure was altered by the addition of blue drapery painted over the figure to cover her private parts. FOR MORE.

Olga Makarova and Calliope Arts Archive


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