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Lecture: Brigida Baldinotti. The most celebrated writer of the 1400s

Though virtually unknown today, the epistles of Brigida Baldinotti circulated widely in Florentine manuscript collections during the 15th century. She was a rare, respected female voice on the Florentine quattrocento literary scene. Moreover, the life of this wife and mother from Pistoia was far from uneventful. Scholar Lisa Kaboricha reconstructs her life and examines how her family was stricken by personal tragedy when they came into conflict with Lorenzo de' Medici.

This lecture, broadcast from the British Institute in Florence, derives from Dr Kaboricha’s primary research in the manuscript collections of the Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze, the Riccardiana, and Laurenziana, as well as in the archives of both Florence and Pistoia. Click here to watch the broadcast.

This lecture was sponsored by Calliope Arts, as part of our mission to expand public knowledge of art, literature and social history from a female perspective.


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