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Calliope Arts

Documenting women’s stories, today and through the centuries.

A project for the ‘restoration’ of women’s creative achievements,

through research, awareness, conservation and cultural exchange.

Calliope Arts also raises awareness through Restoration Conversations livestream broadcasts and bi-annual magazine.



Who we are

Find out about our programmes and guiding principles as the Restoration Conversation

project makes a start.

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Discover more

Watch episodes of our cultural broadcasts investigating women’s contributions to cultural heritage.

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Join us for our events

Become part of the story. Paricipate in our upcoming events and learn about past activities. 

In the news...

06 Project donors watch the descent of Artemisia MacKinnon McArdle Levett ph Olga Makarova

Calliope Arts founders Margie MacKinnon and Wayne McArdle with co-donor Christian Levett await the descent of their next restoration project. We're ready to share it with the world... Click the photo to learn more...

Watch the video of Artemisia's descent


003 Conservator Elizabeth Wicks checks Artemisia on ceiling ph Olga Makarova LD.jpg

Features in focus

Explore untold stories and tales of talent, in history and today.
Restoration Conversations is also the title of our bi-annual magazine. Whet your appetite with these on-line articles.

Header Photo: David Battistella. Eyes of the Madonna, from The Innocents of Florence documentary

Three main photos (left to right) by: Viola Parretti, Francesco Cacchiani, Marco Badiani