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Workshop: PULP AND PRIMROSES. Papermaking in the Oltrarno

April 30, 2022

10am to 12pm

SOTTO al British, Lungarno Guicciardini 115

Daniela Giampa, Gruppo Fotografico Il Cupolone

A Saturday-morning hands-on introductory workshop, curated by 'Creative People in Florence', on the art of paper-making, using recycled paper, natural materials and dried flower details, with Oltrarno-based artisan Gigi Echevarria, from Gigetta Floral Slow Paper Studio. The focus? How to process materials to create interesting natural textures so that participants can start paper-making at home with artisanal techniques. Admission: 15 euro, materials included. To participate:


This workshop is part of Oltrarno Gaze 2022, a cultural program and events series organised by the British Institute of Florence and Il Palmerino Cultural Association, was made possible thanks to a grant from the Advancing Women Artists Legacy Fund.


Media and communication

Calliope Arts / Restoration Conversations

The Florentine

With the patronage of

Consulate of the United States of America in Florence

In collaboration with  'Sotto al British' at the British Institute of Florence, Gruppo Fotografico Il Cupolone APS, 'Creative People in Florence', Freya's Florence, Amalia Ciardi Duprè Museum, Atelier degli Artigianelli and Spazio NOTA with Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte


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