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Video: Insights onto the show FOTOGRAFE!

Women photographers: Alinari Archives to Contemporary Perspectives

Video by Olga Makarova

Villa Bardini, one of the exhibition’s venues – together with Forte di Belvedere – provided an evocative backdrop to the show which brought together female greats of the past and contemporary Italian women photographers. Curated by Emanuela Sesti and Walter Guadagnini, it ran from June 19 to October 2, 2022.

Organised and promoted by the Alinari Foundation for Photography and the Fondazione CR Firenze, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, it saw the participation of donors Calliope Arts. Through its grants programme, Calliope Arts funded the creation of two exhibition sections devoted to significant collections from the Alinari Archives: that of the sisters Wanda Wulz (Trieste 1903-1984) and Marion Wulz (Trieste 1905-1990) and that of Edith Arnaldi (Vienna 1884-Rome 1978).

“We are especially interested in photography by women because it is an art form that has always been relatively accessible to women, unlike the more traditional fine arts,” says Calliope Arts co-founder Wayne McArdle, “The explosion of popularity of photography coincided with the expansion of women’s freedom to be active in public spheres and women’s demands for more independence and recognition.”


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