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The Curators' Quaderno - Issue 1

Return Home: Lola Costa at Il Palmerino


Our first edition of The Curators’ Quaderno explores the evolution of Lola Costa’s art over the course of the 20th century, through paintings, drawings, and poetry. Thanks to the musings of curators and sector experts, Issue 1 of this new publication examines Costa’s life as an expat British woman in Florence, and follows the makings of the exhibition, ‘Return Home: Lola Costa at Il Palmerino’, curated by Il Palmerino's president and the artist’s granddaughter Federica Parretti.


Our debut edition of The Curators’ Quaderno, a notebook-style publication conceived and developed by the Calliope Arts Foundation and The Florentine Press, marks the 20th anniversary of Lola’s death, and aims to commemorate the legacy of her Tuscan hillside home. “Lola Costa’s art and poetry are infused with the spirit of Il Palmerino and its gardens, which continue to foster connections between creative personalities of the past and present,” Parretti adds.


The show ‘Return Home: Lola Costa at Il Palmerino’ is the kick-off event of ‘A Florentine Garden: Early Women Ex-pats and Artists of Today’, organised by Il Palmerino Cultural Association and the Calliope Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the British Institute of Florence, spotlighting the ‘English colony’ in Florence from a female perspective.



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