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Lecture: Rosalba Carriera.The 'first' painter of Europe

Scholar Angela Oberer continues the lecture series sponsored by Calliope Arts, at the British Institute of Florence, with a live-broadcast presentation on Rosalba Carriera, sharing the ‘secrets’ of the painter’s European success at the beginning of the eighteenth century, as she worked from her atelier in her native Venice. “Foreigners numbered between 30,000 and 40,000, including residents and travelers, at the time, and Carriera knew how to profit from their presence in the city, cultivating special relationships with intellectuals, artists, aristocrats, jewelers and their agents. It was an enormous advantage to produce easily portable art on the spot. The multitude of tourists could commission a miniature or a pastel and take the easily transportable artwork home with them on departure, as a memento or a display of material wealth.”

This talk focuses on how Carriera developed her career. How did she organize her own workshop and run her business? Which external and internal factors helped her achieve success? How did she manage not only to enter the male-dominated official art scene of Venetian painters but to surpass most of them? Finally, what do her self-portraits reveal in terms of self-enactment and perhaps her autobiographical and professional turning points? Click here to watch


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