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'PORTRAIT DIALOGUES' Exhibition: Meet the Artists

Young artists on show at Il Palmerino's exhibition 'Portrait Dialogues'.

Emily Rogers, photo by Antonella Tommasi

EMILY ROGERS is a British painter, born in Oxford in 1996. Rogers began her art training at Oxford Brookes University, where she undertook an Art Foundation year. She then went on to study Fine Art at Leeds Arts University for three years. After graduation in 2018, Rogers began studying at Charles H. Cecil Studios, where she now teaches and continues to advance her painting skills. Rogers exhibits her work mostly in Florence and London. In December 2021, she had a solo show at Il Conventino, a former monastery in Florence, where she exhibited a number of portraits and a selection of landscapes, a genre she practises on the weekends. She also exhibited in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Mall Galleries in London. This autumn, 2022, Roger plans to move into a London studio, where she will be mostly painting commissioned portraits, whilst continuing to instruct periodically at Charles H. Cecil Studios.  


Lydia Chapman, photo by Viola Parretti

LYDIA CHAPMAN was born in London in 1998. As her parents loved collecting art and antique furniture, Lydia grew up surrounded by beautiful works and developed a love of traditional artwork and craftsmanship, also fuelled by inspiring art and art history professors at the Queen Margaret’s School in Yorkshire. On leaving school, Chapman knew she wanted to learn to paint with oil in the traditional manner, and after yearlong stints at the Oxford Brookes Art Foundation and Edinburgh University College of Art, she decided to study with Charles Cecil, in Florence, in a manner more keenly attuned to her interests. Lydia is now in her fourth and final year at the atelier, after which she is planning to move back to England to embark on a career as a full-time painter.


Sam Bordley, photo by Viola Parretti

SAMUEL BORDLEY was born in North Carolina in 1995. At an early age, Sam acquired a passion for painting from his older sister. He attended Durham School of the Arts, where he graduated in 2013 with a pathway in painting. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history of art from James Madison University and Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2016, he received his first formal training under Dr. Jeffery Mims at the Academy of Classical Design. He then moved to Rome to attend John Cabot University where he earned a master’s degree in history of art. There, he trained under Timothy J. Allen at the Art Studio of Rome. In 2019, Sam moved to Florence to attend the Charles Cecil Studios where he is completing his third and final year. He will soon return stateside to set up a full-time studio space at Panther Creek Farm, where the Bordleys run an organic, agro-forestry operation.



Project organisers   The British Institute of Florence and Il Palmerino Cultural Association


Oltrarno Gaze 2022 is made possible thanks to a grant by the Advancing Women Artists Legacy Fund, with special thanks to Alice Vogler, Donna Malin, Connie Clark, Pam Fortune, Nancy Hunt, Nancy Galliher and AWA Legacy Fund Director Margaret MacKinnon


Project conception and coordination

Linda Falcone


Media and communication

Calliope Arts / Restoration Conversations

The Florentine


With the patronage of

Consulate of the United States of America in Florence


Participating partners  'Sotto al British' at the British Institute of Florence, Gruppo Fotografico Il Cupolone APS, 'Creative People in Florence', Freya's Florence, Amalia Ciardi Duprè Museum, Atelier degli Artigianelli and Spazio NOTA with Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte, FAF collective: Female Artisans in Florence 


Participating video makers and photographers: Olga Makarova, Simone Sabatini, Viola Parretti, Alessandra Barucchieri, Valentina Bellini, Cinzia Carmen Cardellicchio, Laura Cervaroli, Maria Grazia Dainelli, Cecilia Franchi, Elisa Fossi, Maria Laura Fineschi, Daniela Giampà, Donatella Piazza, Irene Pini, Antonella Tomassi




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