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Pop-up exhibition: CAMERAS CAPTURE. Reportage by 13 women photographers

June 9 to 16 2022 - Pop-up exhibition

Everywhere the project takes us

Thirteen women photographers, from the award-winning Florence-based photography association Gruppo Fotografico Il Cupolone APS, have been tasked with immortalising the 2022 'Oltrarno Gaze' programme, from its hands-on highlights to its exhibition openings.

This all-Florentine team, curated by S. Sabatini, aims to document the creative process driving individual project participants, to form a single, multi-faceted photo-catalogue and exhibition, opening June 9 to June 16 at Sotto al British (Lungarno Giucciardini 115). Participating photographers: V. Parretti, A. Barucchieri, V. Bellini, C. Carmen Cardellicchio, L. Cervaroli, M.G. Dainelli, C. Franchi, E. Fossi, M.L. Fineschi, D. Giampà, D. Piazza, I. Pini and A. Tomassi.

Because the Oltrarno Gaze 2022 programme is heavily focused on the creative process, participating photographers will hone in on the ins-and-outs of what makes the Oltrarno district unique, as it focuses on the many personalities that continue to make its traditions dynamic, for locals and international folk alike.


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