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Palace Women: Creators of Culture in Florence

A New Book from The Florentine Press

Eleonora di Toledo’s purchase of an Oltrarno home and the emergence of Florence’s artisan district. Cristina di Lorena’s creation of a Medici wonderland at Villa La Petraia. Vittoria della Rovere’s role in supporting women’s art at Poggio Imperiale. Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici’s stroke of legal genius which linked Florence to an eternal Renaissance. Elizabeth Browning’s perspective from the windows of Casa Guidi, where she called for freedom and claimed it for herself.

Fifteen women photographers and eight contemporary artisans rediscover female influencers in their Tuscan palaces, villas or garden oases and produce artisanal works or pictures celebrating their untold legacies. From the former convent of San Francesco di Paola, to the once-hunting lodge of Isabella de’ Medici, this keepsake volume explores multiple venues, where ‘palace women’ – from the sixteenth century to the present day – have carved their place in history as creators of culture, giving new meaning to the ever-relevant aspiration: ‘a room of one’s own’.

This publication forms part of the programme, Palace Women organised by Calliope Arts, the British Institute of Florence and Cultural Association Il Palmerino. It was made possible with the generous support of Alice Vogler, Donna Malin, Margie MacKinnon and Wayne McArdle.

Editor: Linda Falcone

Genre: Exhibition catalogue, photography book

Publisher: B’Gruppo srl (Prato)

Series: The Florentine Press

Photographers: Gruppo Fotografico Il Cupolone

Edition: First edition, December 2023

Languages: English and Italian

Dimensions 20 x 20

Pages: 152 with 109 colour photos

Binding: Paperback

Price: 20 Euro

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