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Live broadcast: Galileo and Grand Duchess Christina

Join the livestream at Museo Galileo in Florence

‘Restoration Conversations’, streamed live from the Galileo Museum in Florence. Tune in, with organisers Calliope Arts and Museo Galileo, for the online series, as presenter Linda Falcone visits the venue with author, science historian and museum project coordinator Natacha Fabbri. "Galileo and Medici Grand Duchess and Dowager Christine of Lorraine held each other in high esteem, perhaps they would have been friends – had their ranks, genders and era permitted it," writes author and presenter Falcone. "It was she who had called him to Florence from Padua – then part of another country – to tutor the Medici heirs. For Christine, as a seventeenth-century dynasty wife, astronomy was key. The boundless skies above her head was like landscape unclaimed, and what better way to live in perpetuity than to link her boys’ names to the stars? Galileo, on his end, wanted political protection and economic security in a world fast approaching the Inquisition."

Media Partner: The Florentine.

Join us on May 16, 5pm in Italy, at the following link. The broadcast is free.


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