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Book: Florence in the Making

By Linda Falcone and Gruppo Fotografico il Cupolone

The Florentine Press, 2022

Florence in the Making is a photographic journey that is further illustrated through “snapshot quotes” from interviews led by author and project coordinator Linda Falcone, as 21 of the Oltrarno Gaze project’s protagonists reflect on the values they find most indispensable to their creative process. To capture the essence of their creative process, 14 women photographers from the award-winning photography association, Il Cupolone, took to the town, from March to June 2022.

The Oltrarno Gaze events series was organized by The British Institute of Florence, in collaboration with Il Palmerino cultural association. Made possible by the Advancing Women Artists Legacy Fund, the program forges a bridge between modern-day art and artisanship and the works of historic female artists, with a particular focus on the Oltrarno district. Media partners: The Florentine and Calliope Arts.


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