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Special opening: Artemisia UpClose, view the restoration in progress

Casa Buonarroti, for TF readers Tuesday, February 10, 2023 - 12pm to 1.30pm

Special opening at Casa Buonarroti for The Florentine readers

Casa Buonarroti is Michelangelo’s home, but it is also ‘the birthplace’ of Artemisia’s legend – the larger-than life persona she built, in paint and in personality. Readers of The Florentine are invited to view Artemisia’s Inclination, currently under conservation, as part of the ‘Artemisia UpClose’ project, sponsored and conceived by Calliope Arts and Christian Levett.

Artemisia UpClose in Progress, ph. Olga Makarova

On Tuesday, February 7, from 12pm to 1.30pm, head conservator Elizabeth Wicks will spotlight the ins-and-outs of restoration and discuss the team’s detective work, as they strive to recreate a digital image beyond the veil painted in the late 1600s to censor Artemisia’s female nude. During this special opening, on a day the Casa Buonarroti museum is closed to the public, expect to view the Gallery Room, and a glimpse of the museum's 17-century wing, with Project Coordinator Linda Falcone, to discover the space for which Artemisia’s compass-bearing allegorical figure (1616) was created.

Artemisia's work at Casa Buonarroti became the artist's first real ‘business card’ that aided her emergence onto the Florence art-and-culture scene, a cultural climate in which she would produce some of her greatest paintings. Casa Buonarroti is the world’s first home-museum tributing an artist… Michelangelo ’The Divine’. The Inclination, a tribute to Michelangelo's creative drive, has the North Star as guide, gives a nod to Galileo, and bears a striking resemblance to Artemisia herself.

40 euro per person Book your spot ASAP (only 15 spots!) Afterwards, we’ll be stopping for a light lunch at a local restaurant. Drop TF a line if you’d like to join us.


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