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Artemisia UpClose, the book

Artemisia Gentileschi’s Allegory of Inclination (1616) tributes the genius of Michelangelo, gives a nod to Galileo, and bears a striking resemblance to Artemisia herself. During its conservation at Casa Buonarroti, the canvas was removed from its ceiling heights, and placed at eye-level in the Florentine home-museum where Artemisia worked while five months pregnant, receiving a salary three times that of her male counterparts, and earning the esteem of her patron, Michelangelo the Younger. Artemisia UpClose documents this once-in-a-lifetime encounter and celebrates a project that encompasses research, restoration and an exhibition, Artemisia nel Museo di Michelangelo in Casa Buonarroti, in which world-renowned curators, conservators, philanthropists, art historians, restoration scientists and the art-loving public come together to discover the untold mysteries of an extraordinary artist and her censored painting, now unveiled – virtually – for the world.

Authors: Cristina Acidini, Alessandro Cecchi, Elizabeth Cropper, Mary Garrard, Margie MacKinnon and Elizabeth Wicks. Editor: Linda Falcone. The Florentine Press, October 2023


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