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Artemisia in the Museum of Michelangelo

Casa Buonarroti

Opening of the exhibition

On September 27, 2023, exactly one year after Artemisia's Allegory of Inclination was removed from the Gallery ceiling at Casa Buonarroti, we celebrate the inauguration of the show 'Artemisia in the Museum of Michelangelo' which features the artist's Florentine period and restoration discoveries. Here are a few snaps of the Museum opening, a small but hearfelt event in the museum courtyard and exhibition rooms.

“We want to make Artemisia Gentileschi a household name and to generate interest in her groundbreaking artworks," says Artemisia UpClose co-donor Margie MacKinnon. "Artemisia is the 'gateway drug' for early women artists.  Her backstory is so dramatic, her paintings so powerful and her accomplishments so impressive, people wonder, "Why haven't I heard of her before, and who are the other women artists I need to learn about?"

This event, is part of the Artemisia UpClose project, sponsored by Calliope Arts and Christian Levett and organised in conjunction with Casa Buonarroti Museum and Foundation.


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