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Album: At the exhibition 'Return Home. Lola Costa at Il Palmerino'


June 26, 2024 saw the opening of the exhibition ‘Return Home: Lola Costa at Il Palmerino’. “Lola Costa’s art does not protest the status quo, it embraces it. In real life, change is inevitable but often gradual. So it was for her paintings. Capturing simplicity on canvas was quest enough… the purple of artichoke flowers or perfumed lavender in Provence-style ceramic. That is what made her restless,” says the artist’s granddaughter Federica Parretti, curator of the show.

The simplicity and authentic joy of the inaugural event was pure ‘Il Palmerino’ style. Those who missed it can enjoy the show until September 26. During the inaugural, Calliope Arts presented its first edition of The Curators' Quaderno, created in collaboration with The Florentine Press. For more on Lola Costa’s exhibition and the project of which it forms part, click here.


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