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Casa Buonarroti

Inside Artemisia's exhibition

with art historian Elizabeth Cropper

Restoration Conversation 11-1-1.png

Broadcast  on September 27, 2023. Watch now!


On opening day of the exhibition 'Artemisia nel Museo di Michelangelo' or ‘Artemisia in the Museum of Michelangelo’ at Florence’s Casa Buonarroti, presenter Linda Falcone takes us through the exhibition with author and art historian Elizabeth Cropper who ‘discovered’ Artemisia’s first child to be baptised, in an archival record some 40 years ago. In a small-scale show that is sure to take one’s breath away more than once, Dr Cropper sheds lights on Artemisia Gentileschi's Inclination calling the commission “one of the most important moments in her life. It consolidated her relationship with Medici court and reveals her deep engagement with the literary and scientific circle of Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger, and with the figure of Galileo Galilei especially.”


This exhibition, curated by museum director Dr Alessandro Cecchi, was conceived as part of the ‘Artemisia UpClose Project’ sponsored by Calliope Arts and Christian Levett, brings Casa Buonarroti to the forefront of conservation science and reminds us of its significant role in Artemisia’s life – as her earliest artistic ‘home’ in Florence.

This event is sponsored by Calliope Arts and organised in conjunction with Casa Buonarroti.
Broadcast for the Calliope Arts Youtube Channel, here.
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