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Museo Galileo

with Natacha Fabbri

Invito RC May 16 -- 2023 small.jpg

Legacies from the stars...

Tune into a world of mechanical cosmic spheres in gilded beechwood, new-world maps glued onto globes and 'earth-shattering' discoveries...

Presenter Linda Falcone speaks with science historian and museum project coordinator Natacha Fabbri on the relationship between Medici Grand Duchess Cristina of Lorraine and revolutionary scientist Galileo Galilei, as they grapple with a new sun-centred vision of the cosmos.

Science explains 'how the heavens go' and the Scriptures show 'how to go to Heaven,' writes Galileo's in his letter to 'Madame Cristina', as he seeks to assuage her concern over the 'discrepancies' between ancient holy books and 'new' scientific research.

This event was sponsored by Calliope Arts

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