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October 21 (in English) at 4pm

Tour with Freya’s Florence Admission: 25 euro per person

Explore a female-run artisan workshop specialised in egg-yolk tempera and gold foil, courtesy of Veronica Balzani in via Pandolfini, before crossing to the ‘other side of the river’, for a walk along via Maggio, past the Palazzo di Bianca Cappello to Elizabeth Browning’s home, Casa Guidi. Visit the Boboli Gardens inspired by Eleonora di Toledo and see the evocative grotta di Madama and the grotta di Buontalenti, focusing on their connection to Bianca Cappello and Francesco I. To conclude, participants will exit at the Annalena entrance of via Romana, for a quick trek through the Annalena Garden, linked to the history of Domenican nuns. Reservations required:

This event is part of the ‘Palace women’ programme which rediscovers female forerunners in the monumental Florentine venues in which they lived and worked. With Special thanks to donors Alice Vogler, Donna Malin, Margie MacKinnon and Wayne McArdle.

This prject is made possible thanks to the support of Enjoy, Respect and Feel Florence, funded by Italy’s Ministry of Tourism, the Fund for Development and Cohesion, the Municipality of Florence and Feel Florence.


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