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Artisans' grant: TEXTILE MANIPULATION. From macramé to pouring

May 16 to 25 2022

Spazio NOTA, via dei Serragli 104


Artisanal fabric decoration techniques

This grant programme, open to applicants from the general public, is curated by Camilla Di Biagio, and inspired by 20th-century painter and pattern-maker Vittoria Morelli (1896-1931). It foresees a 40-hour hands-on workshop on decorating and manipulating fabrics at Spazio NOTA, a centre for fashion designers and pattern-makers supported by Fondazione CR Firenze and managed by Associazione Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte.

Course themes: Ancient artisan techniques for the manipulation of fabrics and materials through prints, macramé, ecological dying and patchwork effects. Grant foresees the participation of five guest artisans: Elif Malkoclar, Duccio Mazzanti, Camilla Di Biagio, Luca Parenti and Stefania Pelliccia.


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