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Artemisia: Courage and Passion

A New Show and a Travelling Allegory

Artemisia Gentileschi, 1640-1645, Judith and Abra with the Head of Holofernes

Terni, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Terni and Narni, Art Collection

“Until 1 April 2024, the rooms in the Doge’s Apartment in Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) will host some of the greatest masterpieces of one of history’s greatest women artists, who led a life of passion filled with setbacks, and extraordinary successes. The artist in question is Artemisia Gentileschi, an iconic example of genius and tenacity, a woman whose life was anything but easy, marked by her mother’s premature death, by a society that did not allow her to assert herself as a painter, and by her traumatic rape. However, thanks to her undeniable artistic talent and her courage, Artemisia forged a place for herself.

Her figure and her paintings so deeply marked the history of Italian art that they still resound powerfully today. Curated by art historian Costantino D’Orazio, the exhibition, in an itinerary subdivided into 10 sections, offers family events, artistic solutions, dramatic images, and female triumphs, as well as the opportunity to view, in one venue, more than 50 masterpieces normally scattered throughout Europe and the United States – works that describe, in all its complexity, the personality of one of the world’s most famous women artists.

As exceptional event, starting 9 January 2024, the Allegory of Inclination will travel to the Genoa show and be exhibited for the first time outside Casa Buonarroti. The painting was recently restored as part of ‘Artemisia UpClose, a project conceived and sponsored by Calliope Arts and Christian Levett, in collaboration with Casa Buonarroti Museum and Foundation. Thanks to this exceptional loan, following the show Artemisia in the Museum of Michelangelo, visitors will be able to admire it up close and appreciate one of the strongest examples of Artemisia’s technique, which reflects the genius of Baroque painting.”

Adapted from the press release of Artemisia: Courage and Passion, on show until April 1 at Genoa's Palazzo Ducale

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